Cantor: Obama wants to 'micro-manage' small businesses

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On Tuesday, the White House threatened to veto a small-business tax cut bill being pushed by Cantor, calling it a $46 billion “giveaway” to the “most fortunate.”

In a lengthy policy statement, the White House blasted the 20 percent cut for companies with fewer than 500 employees as a salve to high-priced lawyers, consultants and “other wealthy individuals and corporations with the biggest profits.”

“I just think there’s a clash of visions here and something that will continue to play out here as we try to get things done in Washington,” Cantor continued. 

“I think it’s indicative of where [Democrats] want to take this country, because this week is tax week, what they’ve done is put up for a vote in the Senate a tax hike,” Cantor said. “If job creation is our goal, and I think most Americans would say we’ve got to get this economy going again, they believe you raise taxes, we believe you let small business have a tax cut to create more jobs.”

On Monday, the Senate rejected the “Buffett Rule,” which was intended to ensure that millionaires pay a minimum tax rate. The proposal is part of the Obama campaign’s message on tax fairness and income equality.

— Peter Schroeder contributed.