Issa: We have the 'most corrupt' government in history

"We have a role to play because we passed the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act some years ago," the California Republican said in a Tuesday interview with Bloomberg's “InBusiness.” 

"We are busy in Washington with a corrupt government, with a government that I said perhaps because of the money, the amount of TARP and stimulus funds, was going to be the most corrupt government history, and it is proving to be just exactly that.

"This money going though the hands of political leaders is corrupting the process, whether it is Solyndra, GSA, or a number of other scandals."


Issa came under fire in Oct. 2010 for his statement — which he later retracted — that President Obama was one of the most corrupt presidents in history. Now, Issa is taking aim at the government as a whole, citing the $535 million government loan guarantee to Solyndra and the $823,000 Las Vegas conference held by GSA in 2010.

Issa's committee has been investigating the White House's role in the Solyndra loan since September but has yet to notch a serious victory against the administration. 

In addition to calling out government agencies, Issa is bringing names to the chopping block. When asked about who he thinks should be in charge of the GSA's cleanup, Issa said the job would go to the acting appointees to pick up after their predecessors.

"Well, very clearly, it was not Martha Johnson who was on her second stint there," Issa said. "She had been chief of staff and, even in our hearings, talked about entitlements for bonuses for Jeff Neely, someone she already knew who had ripped off the government and wasted countless dollars.

"We're looking at the acting director, the administrator, and looking to say they have to clean house of political appointees that were involved directly or indirectly, and that includes the chief of staff who obviously knew, reported to the White House and did nothing for 11 months as the scandal went unreported."


-- This story was updated at 10:00 am, Wednesday to reflect that Issa's retracted comments were made in Oct. 2010