Former Rep. Allen West to launch Internet television show

The Tea Party lawmaker narrowly lost reelection to now-Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-Fla.) in November. The new show will be called "Next Generation Today" and launch in February. 

“We’re going to look at the news, the current news, through the lens of young Americans, and we’re going to start to stand up for that next generation,” West told Fox News.

West launched multiple legal challenges of the election results in his House race, the most expensive in the nation. But in a statement on the PJ Media website, he said his effort would not be defined by the race.

"Those who think losing a congressional race defines me and ends my service to my country fail to realize what drives my patriotism and passion for America," West said. "True leaders do not need a title, just a conviction, a cause and the character enabling them to make a stand."

West will be joined on his show by Los Angeles talk radio show host John Phillips and Daily Caller reporter Michelle Fields.