Pelosi: Snowden's judgement 'has been impaired all along'

"He'll be tracked down," Pelosi said. "I think his judgment has been impaired all along, including his judgment to go to China and then go to Russia and now be talking about going to other places. Why doesn't he feel so strongly about what he believes? Come home, face the music, make his case in court where he will, of course, be prosecuted."

Snowden is believed to be in Russia after leaving Hong Kong. The U.S. has asked Russian officials to detain him, but Russia has so far argued Snowden is not on their soil and is on international ground in Moscow's airport.

"He has not crossed the Russian border," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, according to reports. "We consider the attempts to put blame on the Russian side … absolutely groundless and unacceptable."