GOP Rep. Pompeo: I'll try to enroll in ObamaCare exchange


"I'm going to try to enroll tomorrow morning, Oct. 1," Pompeo vowed. "I wish everyone [signing up for ObamaCare] good luck.

"It's going to be chaos; the president knows that," Pompeo said Monday on CNN's "New Day." "He needs to come talk to us so he can avoid a shutdown and avoid the chaos the Affordable Care Act, starting tomorrow, will create."

Pompeo said it is "impossible" for him to vote on a measure that funds the government without including healthcare amendments and bashed the Senate for "sleeping" over the weekend while the House of Representatives worked to reach an agreement that would avoid a shutdown. 

"The Senate didn't work this weekend. They went home," Pompeo said. "It was shocking to me. [The House] didn't finish until 1 in the morning on Sunday morning, and the Senate slept. I find that arrogant beyond all possible imagination that you wouldn't come back and deal with this looming government shutdown on a day when the American people very much need you to be here working."

Host Kate Bolduan referenced a Sept. 27-29 CNN poll that showed 46 percent of Americans blamed GOP lawmakers for the government shutdown rather than President Obama (36 percent), but Pompeo dismissed the data.

"I've seen data that's all over the place," Pompeo said. "The president treats this today like a sacred text. He says, 'We can't change a thing. I'm not even going to talk you. I'll talk to a terrorist nation in Iran, but I'm not going to talk to duly elected officials in the House of Representatives.'

"This president has already delayed big pieces of the Affordable Care Act for his friends, for big business, his cronies," Pompeo said. "All we're asking is to delay other pieces, like the individual mandate that will affect low income people in Kansas. Delay it for a year."