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Herman Cain launching his own Web channel

{flowplayer size=580×326 img=/images/stories/videos/2012/07/03_CainTVTrailer/CainTVTrailer.jpg}mp4:images/stories/videos/2012/07/03_CainTVTrailer/CainTVTrailer{/flowplayer}

{mosads}The “they” Cain is discussing might be the “mainstream media” slammed
in the new channel’s description on its official Facebook page. The channel promises to feature “critical reporting” as well as
“the humorous and fun side with shows comically sending up the events
and news of the day,” according to the page.

The trailer offers a preview of shows titled “I Want Your Money,”
described as “a controversial look at government spending,” and a
man-on-the-street quiz feature called “Civic Sessions With Elan Bentov.”

The frenetic trailer runs nearly three and a half minutes and features
animation along with text overlays declaring things like: “The time
has come for a new kind of entertainment.”

Cain has been a TV personality for a while, guest-hosting such programs
as Fox News’s “Sean Hannity Show.” And he certainly understands being in
on the joke, making regular appearances on Comedy Central’s “Colbert
Report.” Although he appears in the trailer for the new channel, it is
unclear how often he will feature in programming.

CainTV plans to launch July 4 at


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