MLK memorial sneak peak

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s long-awaited memorial monument was unveiled for a four day preview in Washington, D.C. today.

King is the first non-president to be honored with a major memorial on the National Mall, reported CBS News.

"It creates a sense of completeness that Dr. King's contributions now stand at the highest levels of American history,"  said National Urban League President Marc Morial to CBS.

The centerpiece of the memorial is the "Stone of Hope," featuring a 30-foot likeness of King that appears to be coming out of a block of stone. The sculpture was designed by Chinese artist Lei Yixin.

The monument sits on the Tidal Basin between the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials. It will be on view for four days and then covered up again until the official unveiling Sunday, August 28. The opening falls on the 48th anniversary of the March and Washington and King's famous "I have a dream" speech.

A groundbreaking ceremony took place five years ago in November for the now-erected memorial.

Watch the 2006 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. event broadcast on C-SPAN.