Clinton says 'below zero' chance of Obama challenge

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said there is a "below zero" chance she will offer a primary challenge to President Obama for the Democratic nomination in 2012.

"One of the great things about being Secretary of State is I am out of politics," Clinton told CNN. "I'm not interested in being drawn back into it by anybody. I have a big job to do and I am honored to do it every day."

Former Vice President Cheney floated the idea of a Clinton challenge during an interview with ABC earlier this week.

“So far, she hasn’t said she would, but I think it’s not a bad idea,” Cheney said. 

The former vice president said he believes Obama's economic record might leave him vulnerable to a challenge from the left.

“I think she’s probably the most competent person they’ve got in their Cabinet," said Cheney “And frankly, I thought she was gonna win the nomination last time around. Maybe if the Obama record is bad enough — and these days it’s not very good, given the shape of the economy — maybe there will be enough ferment in the Democratic Party so that there will be a primary on their side.”

Clinton, however, did not seem interested in Cheney's suggestion — or any future political ambitions.

"I don't think so. I think I am going to stay focused on doing what I can to make sure that we continue to lead the world," Clinton said.

Clinton had previously said that she expects to retire in 2012, and would not accept a second term as secretary of state in an Obama Cabinet.

"I think I'll serve as secretary of state as my last public position," Clinton said last year. "Then probably go back to advocacy work, particularly on behalf of women and children, and particularly around the world."