Cheney says he didn't have outward emotional response on Sept. 11, 2001‬

Former Vice President Dick Cheney denied having an outwardly emotional response on Sept. 11, 2001. He said his reaction was to focus on potential military action and public policy.

The moderator at an American Enterprise Institute event Friday questioned the former vice president on whether he shared a similar emotional response to the attacks that other public figures openly displayed.

Cheney's answer was "no," which drew laughter from the audience.

"I was focused very much on what we had to do. I was thinking of it in terms of what this meant with respect to policy and our military forces and what the targets were out there we might go after, how we might go after them and so forth," Cheney said at the event broadcast on C-SPAN.

Cheney said that while it was a "deeply moving event," his training and past experience had prepared him to deal with the situation at hand.