Late-night smash: ObamaCare glitches continue

Late night host Jay Leno on Thursday continued to poke fun at the technical glitches affecting the rollout of ObamaCare and suggested ways to deal with the frustrations of trying to sign up.

"It's interesting, a lot of people have been speculating what President Obama will do once he leaves office in 2016," Leno said. "One thing we can safely rule out, website designer."

Leno also joked that those who designed the HealthCare.gov site are considering implementing a link to a suicide prevention hotline for those who are fed up trying to enroll.

"I think that will help," he said.

But Leno withdrew the remark after finding a better solution.

"You know what the president should do? Put the NSA in charge of the website," he said. "That way there's nothing to fill out, they already have all of our information."

"Late Night" host Jimmy Fallon also joined in on the bashing.

"The website is completely screwed up and the White House isn't happy about it," Fallon said. "They want the website to be completely fixed by Thanksgiving.

"And the tech guy said, 'Well guess what, I want a girlfriend but it ain't happening buddy,' " Fallon joked.