Late-night smash: ObamaCare problems more than a glitch

Late-night host David Letterman on Monday cracked jokes at President Obama's belief that a few "glitches" caused the sloppy rollout of the Affordable Care Act.

"The website, [Obama] says, has had some glitches?" Letterman said. "Let me tell you something ladies and gentlemen. You order a pair of pants online from J. Crew and they send you the wrong color, that's a glitch. This is a Carnival cruise, for God's sake." 


Letterman also took aim at Republicans who said that signing up for ObamaCare online could put Americans' private information at risk.

"We have no private information anymore, do we?" he joked. "It's a Carnival cruise, it's not a glitch."

Letterman added that Obama might be looking to vacate his presidency early.

"Today, Obama was in so much trouble, he called Hillary Clinton and said, 'Could you start early?' "