Late-night smash: Obama didn't know NSA spied on Merkel

Late night host Jimmy Fallon poked fun at recent revelations that the United States spied on German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Obama's claim that he was unaware the National Security Agency was doing it.

"Obama is claiming he didn't know about it." Fallon said. "In fact, the president called a press conference about the issue and he admitted to a lot of things he doesn't know."

Fallon then played a skit featuring an actor who pretended to be Obama at a podium. The fake Obama admitted to not knowing many things, like a pumpkin spice latte not being made out of real pumpkins.


The Obama impersonator also joked that because he didn't know the NSA spied on Merkel, he is not responsible.

"I wasn't aware of it." the actor said. "Just because I'm president doesn't mean I know everything.

"I didn't know we spied so that means I'm off the hook, suckers. Obama out of here," he said while dancing.