WATCH LIVE: Obama pardons turkey

Meet Popcorn and Caramel, the pair of turkeys poised to be presented at the official pardoning ceremony Wednesday at the White House.

Raised on a Minnesota farm, the feathered duo arrived in Washington to a reception fit for a king (or at least some fortunate fowl), as officials at the Willard InterContinental Hotel in downtown D.C. hosted them on Tuesday.

The birds, which are both 19 weeks old and weigh in at 38 pounds apiece, will live in the lap of luxury Tuesday, spending a night at the hotel prior to meeting President Obama.


While both will be spared from the Thanksgiving dinner table, the president will officially pardon only one. The White House announced Tuesday an online vote for the public to pick which turkey would receive the presidential pardon.

National Turkey Federation Chairman John Burkel, who helped arrange the road trip for Popcorn and Caramel from the North Star State to the nation’s capital, has his pick in Popcorn.

“The one that I'm more favoriting, he's just been a lot more calm to work with,” Burkel told The Hill. “The other guy struts a little more. He's a little harder to handle. He'll be OK [on Wednesday,] but [he’s] really the one that I work with the most, just a lot calmer bird."

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