Leno honors Mandela

Late night host Jay Leno on Tuesday took a brief pause from his humorous monologue to praise former South African President Nelson Mandela for his fight to end apartheid and for becoming a global symbol against oppression.

"God bless him," Leno said. "He was one of the greatest men to ever live."


After mentioning that Mandela spent 27 years in prison before becoming president, the comedian couldn't hold off on the humor any longer.

"He went from prison to politics," he said. "That's exactly the opposite of how we do it in this country."

Moving the attention to President Obama, Leno slammed the ObamaCare rollout after he said rapper Kanye West wants to be the "Obama of clothing."

"To achieve his goal, he's designing fashion nobody wants and offering it on a website that doesn't work," he joked.