Romney jokes about hair, Gingrich on 'Letterman'

Mitt Romney poked fun at his appearance — and his opponents — while listing the "Top 10" on David Letterman's "The Late Show" Tuesday night.

The former Massachusetts governor, who has maintained a spot in the top tier of GOP candidates, appeared on the show as part of a late media blitz intended to help him connect with more Republican voters. The appearance on Letterman was also designed to help Romney with an image that some voters — and Democratic strategists — have described as aloof.

Romney presented the "Top 10 things Mitt Romney would like to say to the American people," deadpanning jokes about his appearance — including comparing himself to a 1970s game show host and "revealing" that he wore a hairpiece.


But perhaps the biggest applause line of the night came by way of the penultimate item on the list, in which Romney looked into the camera and simply said, "Newt Gingrich — really?"

The appearance on Letterman has become something of a primary-campaign tradition. Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama read Top 10 lists during the 2008 campaign, and Rick Perry appeared on the show earlier this year.

The full Top 10:

10: Isn't it time for a president who looks like a 1970s game show host?

9: What's up, gangstas? It's the M-I-double-tizzle.

8: I have no proof, but I have a feeling Canada is planning something.

7: Actually, I'm only here to meet Tom Cruise.

6: Live from New York, it's Saturday night!

5: My new cologne is not available at Macy's. It's Mitts-tified.

4: I just used all my campaign money to buy a zoo with Matt Damon.

3: I can do a lot, but even I can't fix the Indianapolis Colts.

2: Newt Gingrich — really?

1: It's a hairpiece.