MSNBC's Hayes: Lincoln might have done 'Between Two Ferns'

MSNBC host Chris Hayes on Thursday said that, contrary to Bill O'Reilly's claim, former President Abraham Lincoln would have loved to appear on an Internet comedy show.

"The O'Reilly Factor" host said Tuesday that President Obama promoting healthcare on "Between Two Ferns" was desperate and that Lincoln would have never stooped that low. Hayes disagreed, and asserted that Lincoln would have thrived in the comedic spotlight.


Calling O'Reilly's rant his best "get-off-my-lawn" routine, Hayes said one of Lincoln's defining characteristics was his oddness and that his sense of humor was well-documented throughout history.

The White House touted Obama's appearance on the show as a success, citing increased traffic to, and Hayes said Lincoln might have embraced Obama's approach.

"Maybe Abraham Lincoln would have done something like 'Between Two Ferns,' " Hayes said. "Only it's possible he might come off a lot more like [host] Zach Galifianakis than President Obama."

Watch the clip above.