O-Care enrollments reach 8M

President Obama on Thursday announced that 8 million people enrolled in private health plans on ObamaCare's exchanges so far, surpassing the most optimistic projections for the program’s first year.

Obama revealed the figure after meeting with state insurance regulators and insurance company executives at the White House and spoke defiantly as he closed the books on a rocky enrollment drive that was once in danger of failing.


"The point is, the repeal debate is and should be over. The Affordable Care Act is working. I know the American people don't want us to spend the next two-and-a-half years fighting settled battles," Obama told reporters in the White House briefing room.

The new figures include total enrollment on the exchanges since their launch last October to this week, when the special enrollment period for HealthCare.gov ended. They reflect consumers who picked plans, not the estimated 80 to 90 percent who have paid their premiums.

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