WATCH: Hannity, Norton clash over Ferguson evidence

Host Sean Hannity and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) engaged in a heated debate on Fox News over whether evidence in the Michael Brown case justified officer Darren Wilson’s handling of the situation.

Hannity pointed to evidence that Wilson approached Brown after receiving a description of a man who committed robbery in a nearby area. Hannity said the officer saw Brown fit the description, but Norton said that evidence wasn’t a concern.


“My view is that wherever you stand, whether it’s on racism … we are losing the big picture,” Norton said. “The reason I think young people are [getting in trouble] on the streets is because of the stops [from police] for people who happen to be black so often that it has become routine.”

Norton said there should be more emphasis on police talking with their own communities on how to learn from Brown’s death rather than fighting over who is right or wrong.

Hannity then referred to evidence from the grand jury case that Brown charged at Wilson “like a football player” and said the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative that Norton’s House colleagues pushed on the floor was a lie.

“Is your problem that you can’t get any of them to come on your show? I didn’t say that,” she said with a raised voice. “There was conflicting testimony … that wasn’t my concern.”

Hannity asked Norton, in closing, if the lesson to be learned from Brown’s case was not to rob stores and charge at police officers. The congresswoman said that lesson is taught every day, and that the real lesson to be learned is that police and communities need to work together to prevent other incidents like Brown’s happening.

Hannity took one last parting shot at Norton, saying that she should read the evidence in a case before commenting on it.