GOP divided over handling Boehner opposers

The House GOP is divided over how to deal with 25 Republicans who opposed Rep. John Boehner’s bid for a third term as Speaker of the House.

The Hill spoke with lawmakers on both sides of the thorny issue.

Rep. Sean DuffySean DuffyFirst lady's press secretary calls on Rachel Campos Duffy, Fox News to apologize for host's comments Wisconsin GOP quietly prepares Ron Johnson backup plans Ron Johnson: 'I may not be the best candidate' for 2022 midterms MORE (R-Wis.) believes the defectors should be shown leniency.


“I think that there's been a lot of tension with this last vote. I think it would only create more if there's punishment. I think we should let it go. People have voiced their opinion — let's put that behind us, let's work together,” Duffy said in an interview with The Hill.

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) has the polar opposite view, saying the defectors should be shown no mercy.

"Listen this is serious business and if you want to undermine the Speaker of the House — the third-highest elected official in the country — on the day that he's being nominated, there has to be consequences to that,” King said.

Listen to the lawmakers’ full comments in our video interviews.