Nuke deal kills chances of war with Iran, says Barbara Slavin

Career journalist Barbara Slavin, who spent years covering Iran, tells The Hill that the chances of war with the Islamic Republic went down by a “gazillion” with Thursday's announcement of a political framework to restrict Iran's nuclear program.

“The chances of a war with Iran just went down by a gazillion. There's no way that there's going to be a military option now against the Iranian program if this deal is implemented,” the Atlantic Council's non-resident senior fellow says in an interview.


Slavin acknowledges that congressional hardliners pushing for tougher sanctions are not likely to change their tune and embrace a deal between the U.S., Iran, Russia and four European countries.

Still, she argued that Capitol Hill should “declare victory” and support the deal. She also noted that sanctions backed by Congress brought Iran to the negotiating table.

Watch the video to hear more about Slavin's comments on the importance of a political framework and Congress's role going forward.