Norquist predicts Dems won’t filibuster IRS bills

Grover Norquist tells The Hill that he would be surprised if Democrats in the Senate filibuster a handful of measures to rein in the IRS.

The House is poised to approve seven bills on Wednesday meant to ensure that the tax-collection agency doesn’t target political groups.


Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, says he believes Democrats will allow a vote on the measures when they are considered in the upper-chamber, to avoid GOP political attacks of IRS abuse under Democratic-rule.

“I think it would be very surprising if the Democrats in the Senate decide to filibuster them” he said.

“And then should they pass — which the probably will — the smart move for the Democrats is to say, ‘that wasn't us we weren't for that, that should all be illegal.’... And that shortens the amount of time the Republicans can talk about the IRS abuses out of the Democrats,” Norquist said in an on-camera interview.