Lawmaker: SCOTUS will decide on ObamaCare lawsuit

A GOP lawmaker predicts the Supreme Court will ultimately decide if the House has standing to sue the Obama administration for unilateral actions surrounding ObamaCare.

Rep. Tom Rice (S.C.), a major force behind the movement to sue the administration for executive overreach, tells The Hill that Thursday's hearing in D.C. district court is the beginning of a legal procedural back-and-forth between House-hired attorneys and government lawyers on the question.


"This is not a hearing on the merits of the case, all this is is a preliminary motion to decide whether ... there's standing for Congress to sue. We have to resolve that before we get to the merits of whether the president was acting within his role or with this constitutional authority," Rice, a former tax attorney, explained in an on-camera interview.

He added that "regardless of what happens on Thursday, one side or the other is going to appeal ... they will probably be up to the Supreme Court by the end of the year."

Watch the video above to see Rice discuss more on Thursday's court hearing and the underlying lawsuit.