GOP rep uses cage-fighting training to keep Capitol Hill fit

Former professional cage fighter Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-Okla.) is taking his fight to stay fit to Capitol Hill, forming a Congressional Men's Health Caucus.

The former mixed martial artist teamed up with Rep. Don Payne Jr. (D-N.J.) to launch the bipartisan group to get men talking about health — an issue that hits him close to home.

"My dad is the hardest-working man you’d ever met in your life. At 53, the hardest-working, toughest man I’ve ever seen in my life flatlined while he was working, and we almost lost him," Mullin said in an on-camera interview with The Hill.


"Up until then, he didn’t have any health issues to speak of, and it took us 10 years to get his health back together, and it’s a personal issue with me."

Mullin makes sure to keep fit at home in Oklahoma and on Capitol Hill. The lawmaker says he wakes up at the crack of dawn and leads a bipartisan crew of colleagues in a series of intense interval training exercises.

“Typically we’ll have anywhere from 10-14 people every single morning, it’s a way for us to talk, but we don’t talk politics either — it’s a bonding process, and it’s us feeling healthy. We can perform our jobs better when we feel good about ourselves," the lawmaker said.

Watch the video above to hear Mullin discuss his new venture and his efforts to keep his colleagues in fighting form.