John Kasich's favorite music?

Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) doesn’t appear to be angling for Kanye West’s endorsement, saying he “used to be a fan” of the “Yeezus” rapper, but “lost a little interest there.”

The 63-year-old governor — who’s expected to announce he’s running for the GOP presidential nomination on Tuesday — shared some of his eclectic musical taste in a recent interview with C-SPAN’s Steve Scully.


“I like Linkin Park. I like U2. I like a lot of different bands. I like some stuff that Justin Timberlake does,” Kasich said.

While West — who declared at a concert last month that he’s the “greatest living rock star on the planet” — doesn’t appear to have a place on Kasich’s playlist, the potential White House hopeful recently discovered another music genre.

“I’ve found on the road that I have been able to listen to some beautiful, soothing Christian music, which I really hadn’t done before,” Kasich said. “I find it to be really good.”