Kendall Jenner rocks the vote

Kendall Jenner is keeping up with her history, giving a mini lesson in a new video aimed at encouraging voter registration.

“Every day we vote. We’re able to express our opinions online with likes and hashtags. But when it comes to the right to vote, it hasn’t always been that easy — especially for women,” the model and young member of the Kardashian clan says in a video released Tuesday by Rock the Vote to mark National Voter Registration Day.


As Jenner, 19, is seen staring into the camera as stylists swap outfits on her and primp her hair and makeup, her voice is heard saying, “Suffragettes took the fight nationwide, starting state-by-state campaigns, pushing for women’s rights to vote.

“Because of suffragettes and their battle, gender doesn’t matter. But your vote always can,” Jenner, who boasts more than 35 million Instagram followers, says in the video produced by Independent Journal.

“I’m Kendall Jenner. I’m 19. And I’m here to Rock the Vote,” the “Keeping up With the Kardashians” star says.

Rock the Vote President Ashley Spillane called Jenner a “cultural influencer who reaches millions of young people in this country everyday” in a statement, saying, “Her passion for using this reach to get our peers involved in politics is really inspiring.”