Dem strategist backs Clinton's response to dishonesty question

Democratic strategist Rodell Mollineau gives Hillary Clinton kudos for her response to a student who confronted her in Monday night's town hall forum about her trustworthiness.

"I thought it was the best response she can give," says Mollineau. "I think there are a lot of people for better or for worse that already have predisposed opinions of who Secretary Clinton is and perhaps who her husband is, and I think maybe you saw that with that young student."

Taylor Gipple put Clinton on the spot saying, "I've heard quite a few people my age that think you're dishonest."

Clinton said that decades of attacks from Republicans contributed to opinions about her. She then praised young voters for participating in the political process, regardless of whom they choose, a strategy that Mollineau says help her should she become the Democratic nominee.

"I think that when young people look at the record of Secretary Clinton and the rhetoric of Secretary Clinton versus of Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, they're going to get excited very quickly,” he said. “And also, I think they're going to be scared about where out country might be going if we were to elect either Cruz or Trump to the presidency."