Dem rep: Cruz, Rubio ‘duplicitous’ on immigration

A top-ranking Hispanic Democratic lawmaker tells The Hill that GOP presidential candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are "duplicitous" on immigration reform.

House Democratic Caucus Chairman Xavier Becerra says the senators, both Cuban-Americans, should be “consistent.”


“If you're saying you should not be allowed in the country, you should be consistent and say that to all immigrants,” the California Democrat said. “If they're willing to let some in from Latin America, they should be consistent and let others come in. It's duplicitous to say one thing and do another."

Becerra is referring to a U.S. law that grants Cuban immigrants who make it to U.S. soil refugee status and a fast-track to permanent residency, while immigrants from other countries face deportation.

Take a look at the video above to hear Becerra discuss the matter and his thoughts on how Rubio, in particular, has handled the issue.