Axelrod slashes his mustache

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Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod shaved his mustache on national television Friday to settle a bet.

Axelrod fulfilled the bet with MSNBC "Morning Joe" co-cost Joe Scarborough to raise over $1 million toward epilepsy research. 


The top Obama adviser was good natured as his mustache was shaved off first with an electric razor and then with a single blade razor.

"Are your friends at the White House watching David?" Scarborough asked.

"Yeah, laughing I'm sure," Axelrod said.

The clean-shaven Axelrod was left with a small cut on his lip. 

The two made the bet in October. Axelod said he would ditch his signature mustache if President Obama did not win Minnesota, Michigan and Pennsylvania in the presidential election. Scarborough was supposed to grow a mustache if Obama won either Florida or North Carolina. (He won Florida, as well as all three northern states.)

Axelrod let Scarborough out of the wager and instead offered a new bet: he would shave his mustache if Scarborough raised over $1 million toward epilepsy research. 

Donald Trump, a political opponent of Obama who constantly needled him on the campaign trail, gave a generous contribution and called in to Scarborough's program after Axelrod's mustache was shaved. 

Axelrod's daughter has epilepsy, and the political adviser had made research into epilepsy a mission in his life.