WATCH: Dem consultant says Trump is ‘gift that keeps on giving’ to Clinton

A Democratic consultant says Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is the "gift that keeps on giving" to Hillary Clinton's campaign.


"Every single time there's an opportunity for [Republicans] to jump on Hillary for something she didn’t do well ... something else from Donald Trump comes out that’s a heinous statement, bizarre, or just mean," Andrew Feldman tells The Hill's Molly K. Hooper in an interview.

Feldman says that’s reflected in recent polling showing the Democratic nominee's large lead over Trump, but GOP consultant Kevin Kellems says it's too early to read into those polls.

"Polls now, national polls especially, which the national media relentlessly sites, are irrelevant, absolutely irrelevant. What is relevant are the battleground states in early October," said Kellems, president of the Strategy Center.

Watch the video above to hear Kellems and Feldman in their own words.