WATCH: Strategist says Pence ‘only one conservatives can trust'

Donald Trump's running mate, Mike Pence, provides a “guarantee to conservatives" that the GOP ticket is worth supporting, a Republican strategist tells The Hill.

Pence’s involvement in the campaign is "providing links to Republican leadership and giving them peace of mind that there’s always someone they can turn to because ... within this Trump orbit, Pence is the only one conservatives can trust," John Feehery, a contributor to The Hill, says in an interview with Molly K. Hooper.


Pence is set to hold town halls this week in Nevada and New Hampshire, states with critical Senate races. He is also slated to campaign in Florida, where Sen. Marco Rubio (R) is seeking reelection, according to ABC News.

Democratic Rep. André Carson (Ind.), who served in the House with Pence, says Pence is up for the challenge of balancing out Trump.

Pence "knows what he signed up for. He’s very measured. I think they have complementary styles," Carson said in an interview.

Watch the video above to hear Feehery and Carson discuss Pence's role in the presidential campaign.