Spitzer: Justice system 'failed' in Zimmerman case

Some civil rights groups are already pushing the Justice Department to move on civil rights charges against Zimmerman in the aftermath of Saturday’s jury verdict. 

Spitzer also called the U.S. judicial system the best in the world, but said he understood it sometimes fell short. “This is a failure of justice. I don’t think there’s any other way to view it,” he said. “The judicial system is not perfect, and in this case it has failed.”


The former New York governor, who resigned amid a prostitution scandal, also said he thought voters would respond to his record in his comeback attempt to become New York City’s comptroller.

“I have asked the voters of this city for forgiveness,” Spitzer said. “But I have also said, look at the totality of my record – the independence of my voice when it came to Wall Street, when it came to standing up on the environment, low-wage workers, immigrants.”

Spitzer also brushed off criticisms from his opponent, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, that he was unfit for the job.

“Opponents will say all sorts of things,” Spitzer said. “The voters will make that determination.”