Club for Growth endorses Tom Cotton, launches ads in Arkansas Senate race


"Tom Cotton is a taxpayer hero and a fighter against the Obama agenda," said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola. "Incumbent Senator Mark Pryor voted for ObamaCare, for the failed Obama stimulus, and with Obama to bail out the Wall Street banks. There's no question that Mark Pryor is Obama's greatest ally in Arkansas.

"Club members strongly support replacing left-wing Democrat and Obama supporter Mark Pryor with fiscally conservative Republican Tom Cotton, and we suspect Arkansans do as well."

Cotton officially announced his campaign Tuesday night after months of speculation, and GOP groups are already gearing up to spend heavily in the race, which is a must-win for Republicans hoping to take back Senate control.

The ads attack Pryor for backing Obama's policies and say he has "a lot to answer for."

Cotton's campaign has already received promises of support from the establishment GOP group American Crossroads, which at times has been at odds with the Club during races. The Senate Conservatives Fund has also run ads blasting Pryor and indicated it might continue its involvement in the race Wednesday morning.

"We like Tom Cotton and we're open to supporting his campaign if he leads on the big issues and excites the grassroots in Arkansas," Senate Conservatives Fund Executive Director Matt Hoskins said. "Defeating Mark Pryor was our top priority going into this election cycle and we put that into motion earlier this year with a hard-hitting media campaign that informed voters of his liberal record."