Rep. Reichert 'thinking about' run for Senate, governor in Washington

Reichert said he would consider taking on Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D), who will face reelection in 2016, or Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.), whose term ends at the same time.


"Maybe. I'm thinking about all those options. I still feel like I’m young and energetic," Reichert told a local Fox affiliate when asked if he might run statewide. "And, you know, we'll see how Mr. Inslee does, and if he continues on the path that he is, it doesn’t look too good for him. So I’ll keep an eye on that, and who knows what Patty Murray does in the next year or two?"

The centrist congressman has long been seen as a possible top recruit for Republicans in the state — he held a Democratic-leaning seat outside Seattle for years, and while redistricting has made his seat safer, he's still likely the strongest-positioned elected official in the GOP to give his party a chance in the state.

While Washington leans Democratic at the federal level, its gubernatorial races are notoriously hard-fought and have come down to the wire the last three elections, and Murray faced a tough challenge in 2010.