Obama group’s new ad touts healthcare law insurance rebates

The political advocacy group spun off from President Obama’s reelection campaign on Thursday unveiled a new ad touting the benefits of ObamaCare, its third national ad as the administration readies to rollout healthcare reforms.

The new ad from Organizing for Action (OFA), titled “Every Day,” features a North Carolina family discussing the insurance rebate they received under the healthcare law. The parents, Rebecca and Russell, worried about how to pay for their son’s medical care in the face of rising premiums.


“When the Affordable Care Act was passed we ended up getting a $350 rebate from our insurance company and then his premiums were going to go down by $60 a month,” says Rebecca in the ad.

“ObamaCare is helping everyday families every day,” reads onscreen text.

 “It’s nice to see somebody looking out for the little guy,” says the father Russell. 

“The law works,” Rebecca adds.

The ad “highlights the economic benefits millions of people across the country are already seeing because of ObamaCare,” said OFA in a statement announcing the new cable ad buy. “The law provides better health insurance coverage and lowers costs, helping to give middle class Americans the security they need as they work every day to support themselves and their families.”

Both supporters and opponents of the president’s healthcare law are ramping up their campaigns ahead of Oct. 1, when the administration will begin enrolling consumers in new insurance exchanges.

Polls show many Americans do not understand all of the law’s provisions and Republicans are hoping to capitalize on those concerns ahead of the 2014 election. Democrats worry that a botched rollout could hurt them at the polls.

The administration has faced a number of setbacks in its implementation of the law, delaying both the employer mandate and a provision capping out-of-pocket costs, but insists the rest of the law will go ahead as planned.

Republicans are vowing to block ObamaCare from taking effect, with Tea Party senators pushing a plan to block any government spending measure that includes funds for the law.