Kevin Spacey: ‘House of Cards’ Congress ‘gets s—t done’


“Look, it’s obviously a fiction show because it’s also a Congress that gets s--- done,” Spacey said.

The current 113th session of Congress is on track to beat the 112th’s record as the least productive ever. Lawmakers have passed just 22 bills since January — less than the 28 passed by August 2012, during the previous Congress.

The fictional House on Spacey's show is much more productive.

“Actually, in our first season, we passed an education bill,” Spacey said on “The Colbert Report.”

Real-life House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) recently expressed joking admiration for his “House of Cards” alter ego, pointing to one episode when Spacey’s character kills a congressman.

McCarthy joked that murder would be an effective way to keep rebellious lawmakers in line.

“If I could murder one member, I’d never have to worry about another vote,” McCarthy said during a luncheon in Newport Beach, Calif.

Spacey said in the interview that his character is not based on any actual lawmaker but on Richard III of England.