Begich offended by halibut-slamming Domino's ad


In the ad that’s currently airing, Domino’s suggests that innovative ideas often stem from feasts involving pizza. An announcer declares, “No one’s coming up with a world-changing idea over halibut — no way. It’s always been pizza.”

In his letter, which was delivered to the company’s Michigan headquarters, Begich writes he was “offended” by the commercial. The lawmaker says the ad, “depicts halibut, a staple in Alaskan’s diet and the bedrock of Alaska’s coastal economies, as a substance the Hollywood actor can’t bear to choke down. Why are you hatin’ on halibut?”

Begich, 51, goes on to tout the health benefits and tastiness of the water-dwelling creatures, saying, “Halibut are a nutrient-filled food and an excellent source of high quality protein… Here in Alaska, we need that kind of healthy energy.”

“It occurs to me that your pizza preference may be the result of an uninformed palate,” Begich concludes, “so I’ve sent you a delicious Alaska halibut filet for your edible edification.”

Domino's did not immediately return ITK's request for comment on Begich's letter.