Louisiana members press US, New Zealand to keep searching for lost yacht

But Boustany and Vitter have asked the State Department to work with New Zealand to keep up the search.


"I'm going to follow this closely. We're going to keep the pressure on because, you know, we're all hopeful and we want to do everything we possibly can to try and guarantee her safe return and the others as well," Boustany told KLFY in Louisiana this week.

One of the passengers is Daniel Wright, a student at the University of Louisiana.

The Advocate in Baton Rouge reported on Wednesday that New Zealand will examine a new area of the ocean where the yacht may have sunk. Many believe satellite images show a lifeboat in the Tasman Sea, which lies between New Zealand and Australia.

“We’ve gotten word back that we’re getting a greater level of cooperation on the part of the New Zealand Coast Guard,” Boustany said.

Families of the lost passengers are trying to raise funds to keep up the search. One company, Texas Equusearch, says there are funds available to pay for a few more days of air search, but said the U.S. government could also help by donating more updated satellite images.