WATCH: Five most intense Republican town hall showdowns

Republican lawmakers this week have sparred with rowdy crowds at town hall events across the country.

Some Republicans have at times appeared shellshocked by the anger at the events, struggling to control crowds railing against ObamaCare repeal and other elements of President Trump's agenda.

Liberal groups have seized on the growing fury and are now advertising the dates and locations of town halls to ensure they are widely attended and covered by media.

Here are some of the most tense moments in town halls so far:

1) Sen. Tom Cotton (Ark.), Feb. 22

One of the most charged town halls erupted Wednesday at a packed high school auditorium in Springdale, Ark.

Tom Cotton, one of the most conservative Republicans in the Senate, faced fierce backlash over GOP plans to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

Cotton sought to quell constituent concerns over former President Obama's signature healthcare law, as well as other items on Trump's agenda.

At one point, an attendee asked everyone in the audience positively affected by ObamaCare to stand up, prompting apparently hundreds to rise from their seats.

2) Sen. Mitch McConnell (Ky.), Feb. 21

The Senate majority leader faced multiple rancorous confrontations in Lawrenceburg, Ky., on Tuesday.

One particularly fired-up woman demanded McConnell answer how he was going to help lower-income coal workers who would be left without insurance.

McConnell answered questions on issues such as repealing ObamaCare, but also pushed back at a large group of protesters outside his event, declaring, "Winners make policy and losers go home."

3) Rep. Jason Chaffetz (Utah), Feb. 9

The House Oversight Committee chairman faced at times deafening boos during his town hall earlier this month in a Salt Lake City suburb.

Chants of "Do your job!" punctuated the Utah congressman's town hall as he defended his handling of the young Trump administration.

The lawmaker was at times drowned out by booing from the crowd in what was one of the first town halls to garner national attention.

4) Sen. Chuck Grassley (Iowa), Feb. 21

An Iowa farmer used Grassley's past criticism of ObamaCare against the GOP senator during a feisty exchange this week.

The constituent accused Grassley of creating “one great big death panel” for people who are unable to afford insurance if ObamaCare is repealed.

Grassley first accused Democrats in 2009 of crafting healthcare legislation that would lead to “death panels," a claim that has been debunked.


5) Sen. Bill Cassidy (La.), Feb. 22

One woman seated in the front row tried to shower the GOP senator with bits of green paper during his event in Metairie, La., declaring that she wanted input on education policy.

Others peppered Cassidy on his plans to stand up for their children, demanding answers on his decision to vote for Betsy DeVos for Education secretary.

Several audience members held neon green signs reading "senator for sale 70K" or "Dump DeVos."