Cruz can't be president, Texas Dem says

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“I think what became clear this week is that he can’t be president and the reason is nobody will follow him — even people within his own party won’t follow him,” Castro said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “And so I think in terms of his long-term prospects it was fairly damaging." 


Cruz has been a leader in the fight to combine a continuing resolution to fund the government with the defunding of ObamaCare. Cruz has split with many in his own party about the tactic, with GOP critics predicting it could lead to a shutdown and hurt the GOP brand. 

Cruz launched a 21-hour floor speech earlier this week to fight to keep the defunding of ObamaCare in the House-passed funding bill. But the Senate looks poised to strip that provision before sending it back to the lower chamber later Friday. 

“I think that he wanted to make a big splash and he certainly has,” Castro said. “But he is doing something that I think is unusual, which is that he has made Washington worse. He has made the polarization worse.”

Castro was echoing remarks he tweeted out during his fellow Texan's floor speech Tuesday.