Heitkamp: Congress playing 'Russian roulette' with economy

Freshman Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) said Congress is playing a game of Russian roulette with the economy and it will take a shutdown to end the stalemate over spending. 


“I think yes,” she told USA Today when asked if the government would shutter Tuesday.

Heitkamp predicted lawmakers will fail to hash out a resolution in the next four days to avoid a shutdown, saying she feared it will take a "dramatic act" to bring compromise. 

“Now I’ll be proven wrong I suppose, but I think that it has been so extraordinarily difficult to achieve some kind of middle ground and consensus, and so my guess is that it is going to take unfortunately a very dramatic act to realize that we are playing a game of Russian roulette with a very fragile economic recovery. And I think it is going to take a shutdown to achieve results," she said. 

House Republicans passed a measure last week to keep the government operating through Dec. 15, which also would defund ObamaCare. 

Senate Democrats are poised to strip the ObamaCare language Friday and send the funding measure back to the House. The Senate version would fund the government through Nov. 15. 

It's unclear what will happen next. The government will shut down on Oct. 1 without a deal.