GOP chairman wants to move immigration reform early next year

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) wants to move immigration reform bills "early" next year.
The former immigration attorney says his party intends to tackle the thorny matter on two fronts: challenging President Obama’s executive action to grant millions of undocumented workers temporary legal status and moving bills that passed in his committee last Congress. 
He says GOP leaders have not decided “yet on the exact timing” for committee consideration of a border security bill, or “legislation dealing with interior enforcement …  legislation dealing with reforming our legal immigration programs, particularly for high-skilled workers and for agricultural workers - all of those things passed out of the Judiciary Committee." 
But he says,  “I think that we are going to look at moving those early in a new Congress.” 
Watch what the high-ranking Virginia Republican says in a one-on-one interview about possible ways the GOP will challenge Obama’s “executive overreach” and his comments on potential House action.