WATCH: Dem rep doesn't believe Trump is under audit

A Democratic lawmaker doubts President Trump's repeated claim of being under audit as the reason he won't release his tax returns.


"I do not believe [Trump is] under audit ... and I don't think he ever will" release his tax returns, Virginia Democrat Rep. Don Beyer said in an interview with The Hill's Molly K. Hooper.

Beyer said Trump's refusal to release his returns, breaking with precedent of past presidents, is another reason he wants to see Democrats take back control of Congress.

That way, he said, "you can get a majority vote in the Joint Committee on Taxation or the Ways and Means Committee that the IRS release those tax returns."

Democratic lawmakers have tried repeatedly to vote on measures that would compel the release of Trump's returns, all of which have been thwarted.

Trump has long claimed that he will not release his tax documents until an audit is complete. The IRS has said an audit wouldn't prevent someone from publishing their returns.

Watch the video above to hear Beyer in his own words.