WATCH: GOP rep pens more than 11K letters to families of the fallen

Rep. Walter Jones remembers veterans, every day not just on Nov. 11. 
The North Carolina Republican invited The Hill's video team into his military-memorabilia-filled Capitol Hill office to reflect on the authorization for use of military force and remember those who have served our country. 
Jones spoke to The Hill about one of his key regrets throughout his long congressional career: the vote he cast granting then-President George W. Bush the authority to go to war with Iraq. 
"I never believed we were going into Iraq, but I gave Bush the benefit of the doubt in hopes that we wouldn’t; but I blame myself, I don’t blame the administration," Jones said in a recent interview.

In the video above, The Hill captures Jones's more than decade-long effort to atone for his vote to authorize the use of military force. 
Take a look to hear Jones explain the moment in 2003 that inspired him to start writing condolence letters to families of the fallen — an endeavor resulting in more than 11,000 letters thus far.