WATCH: Harris says Franken reports are troubling

California Sen. Kamala Harris has joined other Democrats in calling for an ethics investigation of Sen. Al Franken after a photo was released of the Minnesota Democrat groping a woman who was asleep in a military plane used for a USO trip. 


“There should be an ethics investigation and we will see where that ends up,” Harris told reporters Thursday

"So far, I only know what the press reports but I’m troubled about them," the former California Attorney General said.

Franken has himself said his actions should be subject to ethics review in a statement released earlier on Thursday.

Leeann Tweedon, who hosts a morning radio show in Los Angeles, said Franken forcibly kissed her while they were rehearsing a sketch for a performance in the USO tour in 2006.

She later saw the photo of Franken groping her.