Palin: Ousted Secret Service agent who joked about her deserved to be fired

Sarah Palin said the Secret Service agent fired in the wake of the Colombian prostitution scandal — who had also served on her detail when she was the GOP vice presidential nominee — was "a symptom of government run amok." 

The Washington Post reported Friday that David Randall Chaney, one of the agents who resigned earlier this week, posted pictures on Facebook from when he was protecting Palin, joking about "checking her out."

“Well, check this out, bodyguard — you’re fired!” Palin told Fox News on Thursday night.

Palin went on to denounce the actions of the agent — while getting a swipe in at President Obama.

“I hope his wife sends him to the doghouse. As long as he’s not eating the dog, along with his former boss,” Palin said. “You know, a lot of people will just say this is boys being boys and boys will be boys, but they shouldn’t be in positions of authority. And yeah, I think it’s pretty embarrassing.”

Palin also expressed concern that agents assigned to the president's family might spend more time "checking out" first lady Michelle Obama than doing their job.

“It’s like, who’s minding the store around here?” Palin said. “The president, for one, he better be wary, there, of when Secret Service is accompanying his family on vacation. They may be checking out the first lady instead of guarding her.”

But Palin was quick to pivot back to politics, linking the scandal to a lavish conference held by the General Services Administration in Las Vegas and urging the president to "start cracking down on these agencies."

“Whether it comes to a budget, to GSA overspends, to the Secret Service scandal, you know, I have had enough of these men being dogs and not being responsible,” Palin said.