Celebs slam GOP on abortion rights, birth control access

The international Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR) is behind the multi-stage campaign to push President Obama to make women's health issues a centerpiece of his second term. The group is also raising support for its Bill of Reproductive Rights. 


The campaign began last year with another star-studded video featuring Meryl Streep, Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick, Amy Poehler and other notable actors.

"We've drawn the line on moving backward on reproductive rights," Tucci said in the video released Wednesday.

The actors called special attention to a Capitol Hill hearing last year in which a panel of men invited by the GOP testified against Obama's birth-control coverage mandate.

"Five dudes talking about why birth control is not essential healthcare for women? That is backwards," said comedienne Whitney Cummings.

Neither video identified opponents of abortion rights or the mandate as Republicans.

Conservatives argue that Obama's policy hampers religious freedom by requiring most employers to cover a full range of birth control methods in their health plans.

This opinion, held by many on the right, has spurred 60 lawsuits against the mandate on behalf of more than 190 plaintiffs. Most are still working their way through the courts.

CRR President Nancy Northup accompanied the new video with an open letter to Obama urging him to prioritize comprehensive sex education, the expansion of social services for women and judicial appointees who support abortion rights.

The letter highlighted the country's divided landscape when it comes to abortion rules.

"The rights of women — and their ability to exercise them — now depend on where they live, and whether their state legislatures have been overrun by politicians hostile to women, doctors, and the rights of both.

"This is a crisis of constitutional proportions. Action by the federal government is needed right now," Northup wrote.