Romney warns threat to shut down government not ‘effective’

Mitt Romney on Friday said the Republican threat to shut down the government in an attempt to defund ObamaCare isn’t an “effective” strategy.


"We're more effective tactically not to use a shutdown of some kind to pursue the ... anti-Obamacare objective,” Romney said in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper. “I don't think that will be as effective.”

The Senate voted Friday to pass a spending bill that includes funding for President Obama’s signature healthcare law. The bill now goes back to the House, where Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has said the legislation will not see a vote.

If a continuing resolution is not passed by Monday, many parts of the government will shut down.

"I think there's a better way of getting rid of ObamaCare — my own view — and that is, one, delaying it by at least a year,” Romney said. “That was Senator (Joe) Manchin's idea, the Democrats' idea.”

Romney declined to weigh in on a proposed Republican plan to use the debt limit as leverage in the spending battle. House GOP leaders this week had to scrap a proposal that sought all kinds of concessions from Democrats in exchange for lifting the debt ceiling. Some rank-and-file Republicans didn't think the proposal went far enough.

“There's no question that the political dysfunction is the cause of many of the problems of the country," Romney said. “And unfortunately, we haven't seen the kind of leadership in the White House. The president spends his time attacking the opposition party.”