Hutchison: Obama’s jobs speech more of the same

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas) said President Obamas jobs speech Thursday night was a repeat of the same failed policies and ideas for economic growth and job creation. She said three years of Obamas policies have made the economy worse.

I agree with the president that the most urgent task before us is reviving our weak economy, however tonight what we heard from the president was a repeat of the same policies and promises that have gotten us nowhere, Hutchison said in a Web video posted Thursday.

Hutchison called a lowering of regulation the best way to create jobs. 

She urged a repeal of Obamas healthcare plan and criticized the president for not calling for an end to the plan himself in the speech.

Looking forward, we need to focus on bringing down debt, cutting unnecessary spending, reining in burdensome regulations and above all, creating the much-needed jobs, Hutchison said.