Supercommittee Republican: 'Late in the game' for deal

Toomey said he hopes the composition of those cuts would be revisited if the supercommittee fails.

"In the very unfortunate event that our committee won't be successful — and I still hope we will — but if not, I think we would have a very concerted effort to reconfigure," Toomey said.

He said the triggered spending reductions won't make meaningful changes to entitlement programs and are too heavy on defense cuts.


"In the event that we're not successful, I think it's important that we reconfigure," he said.

Toomey, along with Democratic supercommittee member Rep. Chris Van

Hollen (D-Md.), tried Friday to downplay talk the deficit-reduction panel is a lost cause.

"We're going to stay at it," Toomey said in an interview on CNN. "It's not going to be easy. Time is running short, but it hasn't run out yet."

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