Schumer: Democrats will pay for payroll tax-cut with millionaire's tax

"The first thing we're going to do when we get back this week is put the payroll tax holiday on the floor in the Senate," said Schumer (N.Y.), the number three Democrat in the Senate on NBC's Meet the Press.

Republicans have expressed a willingness to extend the tax cut put in place under President Obama, but want other parts of the budget cut to offset the cost — not a new tax imposed on the people they argue create the most jobs. 

But forcing Republicans to vote against lower taxes for middle-class Americans in order to protect the tax rates for wealthier Americans allows Democrats to draw a clear line in the sand that they believe they can use to frame the argument against Republicans in 2012.

"If it doesn't pass once, we're going to put it on the floor again and again," Schumer said. 

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